Garage Sale Treasures: Gotta Share

by A cool breeze blowing through your hair, keeping the temperature from the hot sun from feeling so unbearable, this my favorite summertime feeling. Whether running for exercise, sunning on the beach, at the pool, or treasure hunting on people’s lawns {i.e. garage saling}, I love breezy, warm days. The price to pay for spending […]

I Brake for Garage Sales


by My new motto when garage saling is that “you never know what you are going to find“. It is worth it to look around at all of them. For instance, today my sister and I went to a few off-beaten paths to garage sales that seemed very meager but we decided that you just […]

Thrifty Finds for the week: Tea cups, Hat Pins and More


by My heart skips a beat when I hear the words: garage-sale, thrift store, thrifty finds, and fifty cents just to name a few. When I went out and discovered these treasures in less than an hour { I was on a tight schedule } it truly made my week. The mini teapot featured above […]

Thrifty Decorating with Color


by “The achievement of inner assent does not need any outmost force. There is a outrageous appetite fountainhead inside of our bodies that is enough to perform all our physical, emotional, as well as devout needs.” -Jonathan Benjem Color is so important for our lives. I always tease my husband because he “hates” the color […]

Cream Colored Sweater

Cream Colored Sweater

by I love this sweater because its white. I love it because its feminine. I love it because its a size medium and fits me at 6 months pregnant. The best thing about this sweater: $3 at the thrift store.

Thrift Store Books

Mom's books

by Look at our blessings this week!  I took a little one with me to help find some fun books and the other’s were at home checking to see if we had certain books.  Goodness knows I can’t remember all the books in the collections we have. For me: Quick & Thrifty Cooking Busy Woman’s […]

Book Finds


by After making our galley shelves for the kids, I thought it would be fun to add more books to their collection. We buy books like food here. Books are brain food. Check out what I found at the thrift store for under $5 today!

DIY Home Decorating with Thrift Store Finds

Shabby Chic Desk Decor

by Years ago, when I was a new homemaker, I had many things that I didn’t “love” as home decor. Sometimes, when shopping I “settled” for things that were “okay”. I have learned, friends. I learned who I am and what I love. When decorating my home now, I only bring home things I love […]

Look What I found at the Thrift Store Today!

by So, my husband and I went to the thrift store this morning in search of a table for our sunroom dubbed “homeschool and craft room”. I was willing to buy something not so pretty and refinish it if necessary, as long as it was sturdy. Imagine my surprise when instead I found this: With […]