Blender Parsnip Soup

This past year we’ve been using parsnips in our diet more and more.  I was thrilled when Melissa Price shared this blender parsnip soup with us.   Read the recipe: Blender Parsnip Soup

“Smoothies and milkshakes are very popular during the spring and summer months but don’t hibernate your blender just because the weather is colder. For a new spin on how to use your blender while waiting for fresh fruits to come back into season, make some homemade soups. Blending soups make for a creamier and smoother soup texture, and an all-around comfort feel. Tomato, pea, and squash soups are simply made better in the blender. Try roasted parsnip soup to begin (what will be) a new love affair with blending for all seasons. Your blender will love you for it!”

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