Eight Things That Are Not Your Self-esteem

“Mark Twain once said: ‘The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.’ Mark Twain was spot on.” And Elizabeth Laumus really hits the nail on the head in her powerful article Eight Things that are Not Your Self-Esteem.  She also reminds us to question,

“We as a society are very confused about what constitutes self-esteem. We are inundated with messages and images on a daily basis that can confuse us if we do not remain strong in our core and recognize these messages for what they are: false.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, self-esteem is: ‘Favourable appreciation or opinion of oneself.’ That definition seems pretty clear so why do we become so confused about this? Why do we measure our self-worth in strange and false ways? Why do we focus on various numbers and digits to measure our self-esteem?”

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