Teach Self Esteem to Your Daughters

I’m raising 8 girls (and 2 boys), so I’m living first hand the daily life with a houseful of estrogen.  Donna Bush has a lovely daughter and writes so well the important things to remember to do to teach our daughters how to have a healthy self-esteem. In her article, Teaching Self Esteem to your Daughters, she gives us six valuable tips that mothers around the globe are sure to be grateful for.

“It’s hard to be a girl. If you’ve got daughters, you’re probably well aware that the more things change, the more things stay the same. It’s likely that when you were growing up, you felt awkward and unsure. And today, your daughter is likely to feel that way, too. Self-esteem is something we need to teach, and more importantly, a model for our daughters to help them through their adolescent years, and beyond.We place a very high value on appearance in our society. As bodies change and hormones accelerate, girls can feel uncomfortable in their own skin. But if you wait until puberty arrives to start talking to your daughter about self-esteem, you’ve missed the boat.”