To All App Developers: Why Users Uninstall Your App

Thousands of mobile applications are rising today, and millions of users are downloading those applications. Games, social media apps, messaging app such as Snapchat, media player like MX Player, and utilities are only some of the apps we have been downloading. And yet, we are not satisfied with one download. What we do is to try many different applications that will suit and match our taste and preference.

The problem with some of the applications is that it cannot provide the users with a convenience. Most of the apps crash after a few days of installing. Others are full of ads which can be annoying if pops up on the screen every now and then. Thus, users are left with no option but to uninstall, which is a sign of failure to the application and the developer.

If you are a developer or dreaming to be one someday, this post will help you in many ways. So, keep on reading to learn the reasons behind Uninstalling applications, and how to avoid it in the future.

Reasons Why Users are Force to Hit Uninstall

Here are the reasons why users keep on uninstalling the applications on their mobile phones. Also included here are the strategies you can make to make your application engaging and beloved by many people.


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In Conclusion

Not all applications are bad or a failure. Some of them just don’t meet the users’ expectations that leads to uninstallation. So, if you are developing a mobile app now, we hope that you learned from this post.

If you have questions and concerns, please leave them in the comment box below. We also appreciate if you can share with us any of your experiences with regards to uninstalling an app. Why did you uninstall it what suggestion can you give to the developer of that application?

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